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Mescha the GSD

I have owned GSDs for over thirty years and felt very confident and competent in handling them. Imagine my surprise when I started training a young dog in 2009 with Natalie, and I realised that there was so much more I could do to stimulate and make her life even more fulfilling ! Mescha was very dominant and over protective of me and was becoming hard to handle both with people and other dogs, Natalie showed skill and patience with Mescha and me and I now have a dog who can mix socially. I have another young GSD now and I will be travelling to Suffolk to have some sessions with Natalie as I have such high regard for her skill and abilities.

Averil Dongworth

All Dogs love her!!

I have trained three of my dogs over the years with Natalie - my laid back retriever, a German Shepherd (a rescue dog with behavioural problems) and most recently my highly energetic Cocker Spaniel. The training has been brilliant and Nat has always adapted the training to suit the breed and the personality of the dog. She has such a lovely manner and gives really solid all-round advice (training, behaviour, food etc). She makes you feel confident with your dog and in your ability as a handler/owner. And most importantly the dogs all LOVE her!!!!!


Eddie and Monty

We have attended several gundog sessions run by Nat with our two black labs Eddie and Monty and would highly recommend any one who has any interest in the work of gundogs to attend any sessions run by her. All of the sessions have been both fun and informative, the exercises within each session are well thought out and designed to enhance the skills learnt from the last one and incorporate and build on these in the next one. It's such good fun watching the dogs working and they both always have a thoroughly good time and arrive home very contented. As they are really just our pets it is the closest they will come to doing what they were bred for!

Becky and Michael

Blaze the Huskey

We had a husky called Blaze who was trained at BMDTS since he was 12weeks old, Blaze was stubborn, difficult and a character from day one. Our first lesson was a one to one with Natalie which was in the rain and Blaze decided to show his stubborn side from the start which resulted in us spending 20mins just to get him to sit, but during the years training with Nat she taught us to never give up and play to Blazes strengths (although he still wouldn't sit in the rain 6 yrs on).

Natalie is a very patient, knowledgeable, friendly, hardworking and extremely dedicated dog trainer. If you have any problems Nat is always there to provide help, advice and support when you need it. She makes sure that both you and your dog get the most out of training and makes it fun along the way. I couldn't recommend Natalie highly enough to anyone who is looking for high quality training for both them and their dog. You will soon find that BMDTS is a great place to learn, as it is not just a training school it is like a family as everyone will help you achieve your goals from the basic to the more advanced.

Toni and Sharon

Tuppence and Lara - Labradors

We have just returned from two days intensive training with Natalie in Suffolk. It was our first visit to the new branch of Barking Mad and well worth it. As always the training was successful and fun. Nat made sure that our dogs of very different ages enjoyed a mixture of training, agility and tracking.

She has the ability to find a simple but effective solution for any of a dog or trainer's bad habits and tactfully suggest how this might be applied. With Nat every training session ends on a high.

Looking forward to a return visit soon.

Jayne and Tim