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Harri the Huskey

Harri is my first dog which made me nervous about first coming to barking mad. However all of the employees, dog owners have made me/us feel so welcome. The change in Harri has been fantastic to see and I am pleased that I have been taught so much by donna and Imogen my highlight is definitely 100% dog training and I can't wait to learn more. I love the fact that it is outside using different equipment.

Lucy Perkins

Maisie the Labrador

When we first stared coming to barking mad dts Maisie was very lively and had a mind of her own. John our instructor has taught me and Maisie hell of a lot and she dose as she is told. We do a lot of lead work and of lead work we do agility and we do searching I would like to praise john for all the hard work he has done with me and Maisie as we are on our silver star and we really enjoy coming to barking mad dts.

Lee Saunders

Isla the German Shepherd

We rehomed Isla, a two year old German Shepherd in June 2013. She was a wonderful house dog great with people and well trained on all the basic commands except recall, which she looked on more as a suggestion. It wasn't long before we discovered she had a serious dog to dog aggression problem. We managed to locate her previous trainer/behaviourist who told us she was the worst case he had ever come across and invited us to work with him for a day to learn how he had dealt with it. That was when we found he had used pinch collars. We declined the invitation.

We have had dogs for 30 years our last two, which we had together were German Shepherds so we thought we knew a thing or two about dogs. Having met Richard through the previous two we knew Isla was a job for him.

I had several one to one sessions with Richard which was followed up by two 3 day intensive courses. I learned a lot about dog behaviour and handling during those sessions. Away from the training centre I practiced the skills and soon realised that far from wanting to shred every dog she saw, Isla was actually very frightened and was trying to stop dogs coming anywhere near her. It was evident Isla had no social skills with her own kind and basically did not know how to "talk dog

Through BMDTS I realised the way Isla is introduced to other dogs is critical and I developed ways of doing that using my training. Where are we now, this Christmas we had a houseful visiting us which included two Labradors, a German Shepherd and a Westie. Where was Isla? In the middle of them all either playing or snoozing in the same room.

I am not completely there yet with Isla as she is still frightened when we meet dogs coming towards us unless I use Richard's distraction techniques. When the better weather comes I shall book myself in for another training course to work on that some more and no doubt Isla will come along too to keep an eye on me.

What do I think of Richard and his training school? Well, I believe my experience says it all but if not, let me be direct, I recommend BMDTS without reserve. Oh, and what about that recall, spot on either to the voice or a whistle - most of the time! And so finally a very big thank you to BMDTS.

Ken Crossett

All dogs love her

I have trained three of my dogs over the years with Natalie - my laid back retriever, a German Shepherd (a rescue dog with behavioural problems) and most recently my highly energetic Cocker Spaniel. The training has been brilliant and Nat has always adapted the training to suit the breed and the personality of the dog. She has such a lovely manner and gives really solid all-round advice (training, behaviour, food etc). She makes you feel confident with your dog and in your ability as a handler/owner. And most importantly the dogs all LOVE her!!!!!


Having owned German Shepherds for over 30 years

I have owned GSDs for over thirty years and felt very confident and competent in handling them.
Imagine my surprise when I started training a young dog in 2009 with Natalie, and I realised that there was so much more I could do to stimulate and make her life even more fulfilling ! Mescha was very dominant and over protective of me and was becoming hard to handle both with people and other dogs, Natalie showed skill and patience with Mescha and me and I now have a dog who can mix socially.
I have another young GSD now and I will be travelling to Suffolk to have some sessions with Natalie as I have such high regard for her skill and abilities.

Averil Dongworth

Jasper the Jack Russell

I've had Jasper for a year now, he come from an elderly gentleman who had him from a puppy when he was in his 80's. Although much loved I think jasper had a quiet puppyhood and early life. I had no idea what owning and having a dog would involve and Jasper has separation anxiety and was very quiet, timid dog. So we both needed help and thing changed when we started at Barking Mad. Sam has been fantastic in helping and guiding me and working with Jasper on his behavioural issues in a way that has been practical and fun. She has made me feel confident and Jasper is a changed dog. He is now a typical terrier which on occasions has its downside. When he is not chasing anything that moves. The one to ones with Sam were invaluable initially and new coming to Barking mad on a weekly basis reinforcements and develops the training and is a great social and supportive environment. It is also possible to discuss any behavioural problems that start to arise which can be addressed quickly before the class start. Jasper and I have come a long way and I feel we are one team now. I've learnt so much with the help of Sam. Jasper loves coming to Barking Mad and so do I so thank you Sam and Barking Mad.


Murphy the Cockerpoo

We came to Barking Mad to learn general obedience for our puppy. Murphy has come a long way in a relatively short period of time (7 weeks). I believe one of the biggest benefits un the thorough understanding of a dogs natural behaviour by the instructor and how that is used in the training and conveyed to the owner- after all we need the training too.


Cleo and Pip

I have owned a series of Shih Tzu since having my first puppy as a fifth birthday present. While I have always loved the breed for its affectionate nature and its tolerance of children. I have always maintained that its arrogance and independent what makes it virtually untrainable! At Barking Mad, I have learned how wrong I was. It has been fascinating to watch the puppies learn and develop doing things my previous dogs never did. It has been a further (joyous) revelation. How a great bond with your pet can be even further strengthened by this loving, informed method of training. Added to this has been the social aspect what a pleasant surprise the new friendships with other members of the group. Thank you Michelle we have learned so much.


Harry the Jack Russell

To train harry the basic as I had very little knowledge of owning a puppy, we have achieved this well with Julie's help Harry and myself are progressing well with further training (Harry has now passed his bronze award) Harry thoroughly enjoys his training as soon as we pull up in the car park he cannot contain his excitement to start training.



Hugo was 12 weeks when we joined BMDTS. Having never owned a dog before I was complete novice. In the few months we have been coming I have learnt so much and I am getting results with Hugo. Our trainer not only gets great results from the dogs she also makes the lessons fun and we love coming. I would recommend BMDTS to anyone thinking of getting a puppy or is having problems with their dog.


Maud and Rufus

Two puppies started training after 2nd vaccination my husband has been impressed at what we have achieved. The classes gave been fun and I have learned a lot Sometimes I can't remember all the commands so forget to practice at home.