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These are some of the courses we have at Barking Mad DTS...

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TD Rally

This is an obedience course where you have to walk around designated stations with your dog walking to heel, upon reaching a station there will be a sign instructing you what to do.

It's fun and no matter what level you and your dog may be at it's easy to get involved and start training and competing.

It could be to get your dog to spin to the left or to jump a selection of jumps. We find this is a really fun way to get a bit more focus from your dog rather than just practicing heelwork by walking up and down.

The course is set by the judge or trainer. There is no pause between exercises - you and your dog work briskly through the course without direction from the trainer. You are encouraged to talk to and praise your dog during the performance. Any dog can get involved in this fun sport.

At some schools there are TD Rally clubs but courses will be held at your local training centre throughout the year so if you're interested ask your instructor.