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These are some of the courses we have at Barking Mad DTS...

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Scramble and Scurry

At some of our training centres we have fenced off areas where we run scramble courses, these are obstacles, logs, ditches hay bales, fences that your dog has to negotiate and along route find dummies (or toys) that have been hidden.

This is a timed course and is a great way to burn a bit of extra energy off your dog. There are age limits due to the height of some of the jumps but they are open to all breeds. We also have steeple chases at some of our training centres where you dog has to negotiate fixed jumps to retrieve a dummy (toy) in the quickest time.

Scurry courses are done in the same area as the scramble, two or three dummies (toys) are put out in different areas, it is the quickest dog to retrieve all dummies back to the handler - there may or may not be obstacles that the dog has to negotiate.