barkingmaddts : Graveley
Kayleigh Banks

Kayleigh Banks


Office Manager
Puppy & Adult Pet Instructor

Kayleigh has been coming to Barking Mad for over 9 years. She initially started assisting with the K9 Kids club and on K9 Kidz Events. As Kayleigh qualified in Animal Management & Behaviour she worked in the BMDTS Shop. Very early on, Kayleigh decided that a career working with dogs was what she wanted to do. In 2008 she successfully completed BMDTS Instructors Programme and then soon after progressed to instructing the K9 Kidz Club as well as taking both puppy and adult classes. Kayleigh was offered a role as part of the admin team three years ago and has progressed to Office Manager and PA to the director of Training. Further to that Kayleigh and Donna have recently taken over as the owners of Barking Mad DTS Graveley.