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Treibball, 'Herding Ball' or "Push Ball", is a new sport from Germany that is a lot of fun for both handler and dog. The equipment needs are minimal and dogs of any size can be trained to play.

If you have a dog that likes to heard this is the sport for you although we do have a variety of breeds that have successfully mastered this sport including Spaniels, Terriers and Rottweiler's!!

Treibball is a new way to play with your dog! It's both a competitive and non competitive sport for dogs of all ages and sizes, it promotes better teamwork and communication between a dog and its handler. It's great fun for any energetic dog who needs a job to do, or any dog who likes to herd and doesn't have sheep! It's fun for any dog that loves to play chase games, to herd or just use their amazing, problem-solving ability.

Treibball promotes the same kind of teamwork and communication as Agility, but does not put any physical stress on the handler. It also builds confidence for shy dogs, and helps reactive dogs with impulse control.