barkingmaddts : Graveley

Puppy and Adult Classes

For new puppy owners it can all seem a bit overwhelming so our puppy classes are tailored to get you and your new addition off to the very best start.

Like with the adult classes we will teach you how to focus you puppy on you rather than playing with all the other puppies, how to use his/her nose to find things, some dog tricks, and low impact, low height agility. The classes will all include lots of confidence building exercises which will help your puppy become a nice confident adult. Again you will work through our reward scheme which starts at Bronze and runs through to Gold Star.

All age of dogs and breeds are catered for, we believe there is no such thing as a dog that is too old to be trained. Our classes are run throughout the week and weekend so you should find a class on a day and time suitable for your dog but convenient to you. We firmly believe that it's all about giving your dog a job to do and doing this is a positive way so it's not just rewarding for your dog but rewarding for you.