barkingmaddts : Graveley

Instructors Course

Courses are run throughout the year . You will initially be invited along to have an informal chat where we will tell you all about the courses and what is expected from them. We have lots of people from a variety of backgrounds do the courses from current customers that just want to further their knowledge through to people that want to be a dog trainer as a full time job.

The courses are broken down into modules, Stage one is an introduction into instructing, what makes a good trainer, how to manage a class and training theory.

Stage two is all about the dog and learning about different training attitudes and techniques, dog problems and how dogs learn.

Stage three is a practical assessment of a long term rescue dog examining both training and behavioural issues relating to the dog.

Finally stage four is about learning our training principles and behavioural techniques so as a potential trainer/behaviourist you can make your own decisions. Please contact the Graveley School to find out more information.