barkingmaddts : Graveley

Gun Dog

Gundog training is not just for Labradors

This is all about teaching your dog to stop, recall and hunt on a whistle command, we have all breeds of dogs participate including terriers and huskies so don't be put off just because you don't have a gundog!

During the classes you will be taught the basic whistle commands, will introduce your dog to working in thicker cover and will teach your dog to mark to a gunshot. Your instructor will teach you how to control your dog at a distance by directing them left, right, back. We have a mock working test during the year so you can see how far you have come with trophies and rossettes up for grabs.

This will give you a taster of what a working test would be like if you wanted to go on to compete or like a lot of our customers just as a bit of fun