barkingmaddts : About Us

A brief History

Barking Mad DTS was established in 1994 by Richard Clarke. Richard and his team of Professional Trainers are passionate about understanding why dogs do the things they do and by 'giving them a job' to do we can focus all of their mental energy onto rewarding and stimulating games that the dog enjoys and creates a greater bond and relationship with their owner.

Richard Clarke, Director of Training, originally started his career in the Royal Navy, he then went on to qualify as a Senior Environmental Trainer for the Ministry of Defence gaining qualifications in dog psychology and nutrition along the way.

Richard has appeared on a variety of TV programs including being the judge on BBC's Dog Borstal and more recently on BBC Countryfile. Richard has worked all over the world training dogs to do a variety of different roles from riot training in the Middle East through to training specialist detection dogs in the Far East for Environmental Agencies such as ZSL.