barkingmaddts : About Us

A brief History

Barking Mad DTS was established in 1994 by Richard Clarke. Richard and his team of Professional Trainers are passionate about understanding why dogs do the things they do and by 'giving them a job' to do we can focus all of their mental energy onto rewarding and stimulating games that the dog enjoys and creates a greater bond and relationship with their owner.

After 22 successful years at Barking Mad DTS Richard Clarke, Previous owner of Barking Mad DTS, made the decision to move to Suffolk and enjoy time with his family and open a New School.
So in turn 2016 saw a massive adventure for Barking Mad DTS Graveley when Donna Thirlwell and Kayleigh Birnie became the Proud New Owners. These ladies have spent over 16 years with Barking Mad DTS from being Previous Customers, Senior Instructors, Behaviorists, Sports Trainers, Office Managers and Operations Managers. These ladies clearly showed they had what it takes to take over and run Barking Mad DTS Graveley and still to this day Barking Mad DTS continues to grow.